Ban Appeal Information [Read before posting anything]

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Ban Appeal Information [Read before posting anything]

Post by GrandJury on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:33 am

Did you get banned from our server? And you are sorry for it OR you think it's an invalid ban? Instead of shouting in admins pm's or owners pm's you should make a ban appeal here, The ban appeal format you should use is:

Your in-game name:
Why did you get banned? (the reason an admin banned you for):
Why do you want to be unbanned?:
Who banned you?:

You don't need to argue with admins and most of all, NEVER LIE! If you lie that u didn't have but the proofs show that you hacked and they are clear, You will NEVER be unbanned, If you really hacked just say it and the admin might give u another chance and if you lie no other chances will be given, But if you didn't hack tag a higher level admin in your appeal and ask us to review the proofs, if they are invalid, You will be unbanned, If they are valid, and if u say u didn't hacked, you will not be unbanned, But if they are valid and you did say you hacked and you are sorry for it, Then another chance might be given.

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