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Post by GrandJury on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:35 am

If you wish to report, you must have a valid reason to do so as well as proper evidence. If you do not have a valid reason to report or valid evidence, then don't do it as the report will be denied. Only the report, reported player and the administrators will be involved in the case. If you are found posting useless things then you'll be punished. Managers, as well as Community Leaders should be reported to the Community Owners through a formal report.

If you upload a proof using YouTube or any other site, do NOT put music or anything else in the proofs. Besides that, it disturbs. YouTube and some other sites block videos containing copyrighted material (such as logos, clips from movie parts and music).  So do us a favor and upload the videos without adding anything that might get your video blocked.

[b]Player(s) you are reporting:[/b] TEXT-HERE
[b]Your in-game name:[/b] TEXT-HERE
[b]Witnesses [/b] TEXT-HERE
[b]Date and time of incident:[/b] TEXT-HERE
[b]Rule broken:[/b] TEXT-HERE
[b]How was it breached:[/b] TEXT-HERE
[b]Evidence:[/b] TEXT-HERE
[b]Additional notes:[/b] TEXT-HERE

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