Suggestion Guidelines [Read before posting]

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Suggestion Guidelines [Read before posting]

Post by GrandJury on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:51 am

The reply button in this section should be used critical detailed criticism. Any individual caught posting pointless responses that don't need to be posted for the purposes of raising your post count, spamming; will be dealt with. Here's some things you should consider before posting a suggestion:

  • Use theĀ SEARCH FUNCTION; search for already archived/forwarded suggestions before submitting another one as it may well have already been suggested.

  • Would my suggestion degrade or enhance the server's realism status? If it's not human-like, don't suggest it please.

There's not gonna be a template for suggestions as of now, pertaining the topic's name. You do have the option to select one, however keep it professional.

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