Squad 9 Community Rules

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Squad 9 Community Rules

Post by GrandJury on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:59 am

S9 Community Rules!

1. Respect every player! Disrespect other's and action's will be taken on you.

2. Don't use ANY KIND of hacks in the servers! Doing so will result in a Permanent Ban.

3. Respect every single Admin and their decision's!

4. Don't post hunt in any topic! Doing so will result in a forum warn/mute.

5. Don't PM admins on the forum, unless it is really really really important. We get flooded with PM's and we just can't keep up responding to all your small needs.

6. No trolling, screwing around, causing problems in our forums, we reserve the right to remove anyone without any notice.

7. If your signature or avatar is to big or inappropriate it will be removed.

8. Only 1 account can be created per player, Having 2 account's with same IP will result in forum ban of both IP's unless you are relatives who live in the same house.

9. Advertising is NOT allowed! Doing so will result in a range ban from both, Forum and Server.
10. Impersonating admin's is not allowed.

11. We have the right to ban anyone who violates server/forum rules.

12. By logging in our Forum you agree with the policy of COD7.

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