Application Format/Rules & Info of S9 Tag

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Application Format/Rules & Info of S9 Tag

Post by GrandJury on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:07 pm

Following is The Title Format For Applying:- 

[Your in-game name here] - [S:0/3] [A:0/2]


-In the Title Format for applying, in the place [Your in-game name] you have to add your in-game name replacing the text and the brackets themselves from the "[Your in-game name]" and in the place where there is written [S:0/3] [A:0/3], When you get votes that is Supports or Against, You have to update the title and add the amount's.
-You Need 100 Hours In-Game.
-You Must Have 20 Evac points.
-Must have good knowledge about English.(very important).
-You need 3 Supports from The Moderators in order to get Accepted.
-If You get 2 Against's From The Moderators our app will be denied.
- If your application got denied, you may re-apply after one month.
-Do not Ask for votes in game or forums!
-You must not have been banned or temp banned for 2 weeks after you apply for S9 tag.
-You must be Active, Mature, and Friendly to everyone and most of all, Helpful and Loyal.

If You meet the above requirements, use the following format to apply:

[center]- What is your In game name:[/center]
[center]- Which server(s) do you play on:[/center]
[center]- How long have you been a part of the Community:[/center]
[center]- How active are you:[/center]
[center]- Why do you want the tag:[/center]
[center]- Have you read ALL forum rules?:[/center]
[center]- If accepted, what will your name be with S9 tag?:[/center]
[center]- Picture of your stats:[/center]

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